Myallo Online Goes Mobile for iPhone

1 07 2007

The Myallo Online website at has gone mobile with a new version of the site optimized for the iPhone at .

“Myallo Online displays a personalized collection of news and articles from all around the Web, and we thought this would be great to have on the iPhone” said Michael O’Connor, site creator and longtime Apple software developer. “You can scroll through headlines with your finger, tap to read an article, and tap again to go to the article’s source site.”

“With the iPhone in hand, we are continuing to optimize the site to make the experience seamless. While the iPhone handles the version of the site just fine, especially over the fast Wi-Fi network, greatly reduces the amount of data, which keeps it responsive even over the slower cellular network”, said O’Connor. “ While optimized for the iPhone, works well with any mobile device” he added.

About Myallo Technology: Myallo’s unique patent pending neural-network-like technology literally learns what you like, predicts your interest in articles of text, and ranks them according to your taste. The technology is currently available in the Myallo for Macintosh application, on the Myallo Online website, and is licensable for commercial use.

Myallo Online, at <> and <>, pre-reads hundreds of sites from across the Internet, predicts your interest in them, and shows you personalized pages filled with up-to-the-moment articles you’ll want to read.

Leptonic Systems Inc. is a corporation dedicated to creating “Software of Interest” for the Macintosh and the Web.


Welcome to Lepton’s Blog!

18 05 2007

Lepton’s Blog will hold my opinions and speculation about technology, articles on the Web, new gadgets, and anything else that seems interesting. I hope you’ll enjoy it!