About Myallo Online

Myallo Online at myallo.com is a whole new kind of site – a discovery engine! I’m its creator and I’d love to introduce you to it.

With a search engine, you type in some topics, and it gives you a huge list of links to pages with matching words that you have to wade through.

The Myallo Online discovery engine goes out by itself and directly finds interesting Web articles for you. It independently selects topics, does the searching, pre-reads the articles, predicts your interest in them. Whenever you visit the web site, it shows you a page full of the most interesting articles it has found.

It accomplishes this miracle by literally learning your particular interests! At first, it shows articles of general interest. Next to every article is a slider you can move to indicate how interesting you actually found the article. Due to its pre-reading and scanning, Myallo Online knows what topics each article covers, and how relevent to each topic an article is. With this information and your feedback, it is able to quickly develop a private, comprehensive Interest Profile for you that it can use to predict your interest in other articles. After setting a few sliders and making a few visits to the site, you’ll be amazed at how accurate it will be. Soon, you’ll be reading very interesting articles gathered from all around the Web just by visiting one site!

Myallo Online becomes your constantly-updating online magazine that personalizes itself automatically. News, Sports, Tech, Music, Gaming, Gadgets, Television, Celebrity, Politics, Cars, Cooking, Health, Lifestyles – it’s in there. Myallo Online shows you the most interesting stuff on the Web without you having to search around for it!


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