The Apple iPhone’s Mystery Bell Symbol

24 08 2007

Does your iPhone have a tiny bell symbol embossed on it? Some do, and some don’t. This may be the reason why.

I was hanging out at the local Apple store Genius Bar today, and someone nearby said to me looked at my iPhone for about one second and said “Did you by any chance happen to buy this phone at an AT&T store?” I said “Yes I did, how did you know?”

He told me “I’ve seen a lot of iPhones, and it always seem like the ones from an AT&T store have a little white bell symbol embossed on the black silencing switch on the top left side of the phone. Ones from Apple stores don’t seem to have them.” Well, I thought all the phones had them, and I was surprised. I like the little bell!

Does your phone have the bell symbol on the switch? Did you get it from an AT&T store? Maybe it is a secret code meaning it came via an AT&T store, maybe not. Perhaps it is just on the first shipment of phones, or some other thing. What’s on your phone?