Why you shouldn’t worry about iPhone’s keyboard

8 06 2007

There seems to be a flurry of worry about the iPhone keyboard. People want the tactile feedback of real keys, it’s said. You can’t tell if your finger is in the middle of a key… You can’t touch type on it…

Phooey. These are not big problems on a phone keyboard. The only legitimate complaint about it will be that you can’t touch type on it. But how many people actually type on a phone keyboard without looking? A lot of people can type on a small keyboard quickly with two thumbs, and this should work just as well on the iPhone as on a phone with a lot of tiny physical keys.

What about the argument that you can’t tell if you finger is in the middle of the key? Well, Apple says they addressed this by using special software that makes corrections based on a dictionary and which keys are nearby to the ones you touch. They also address this by popping up the letters in large type above your finger as you type.

There has also been comments about how easy the phone, and typing on it, will be with just one hand. All the demos so far show the user holding it in one hand, while typing and pressing onscreen buttons with a finger on the other hand. Thi is simply for photographic clarity. It is going to be just as easy to press buttons with your thumb while holding the device in your palm curled in the other four fingers as it is on any other phone.

We are going to see people typing away on the iPhone just as fast as others do on their Blackberrys. Problems typing on the touch screen is simply a red herring issue.




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